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According to scientific development,the standard of living has progressed. Most people make efforts to keep their health but diseases of adult people and illnesses are incresed to the contrary. But we give up curing our disease easily especially the symptoms caused by spiritual or bodily, imaginary, hereditary. Have you ever thought about the possibility that most symptoms can be caused by Dowsing-wave. Dowsing-wave can make troubles to animal life and plant life as well as mechanical and high technological equipment. It is kind of hazardous electromagnetic waves, repetitive exposures to it can disturb leucocytic function and result to be a cancer or terrible diseases.Also it brings on a confusion of decomposition assimilation of protein and hampers generating enzyme, cause inconvenience of homeostasis of body and malfunction of biorhythm. So we can not keep up our body healthy.
It's the same as domestic animals,we recomend searching for dowsing when the domestic animals take sick without special reason or they are demaged by diseases something fish. Not only human body but animals can be damaged by dowsing-wave largely. Korean Society of Dowers R & E,we will make an effort to deliver our advanced knowledges and knowhows to many people, we will help the world to be happier and healthier.

Branch Ceo of America Jae-Cheon, Gwak






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