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Searching for a water vein(dowsing) had been used for drinking water in the past, but nowadays people are interested in the relation of dowsing-wave and health.
Like an odorless and an invisible harmful gases can kill a person, we can find the harmfulness of dowsing-wave from research materials. But there can be side effects because of shortage of information about the dowsing-waves, and because a single way of thinking that the dowsing-wave is always harmful to health without condition. Our research group have an effort to distribute to people's health and researches on the waves by developing our searching technique and training dowsing expert.

[Goal of establishment]

Korean Society of Dowers R & E has the goals of sharing profits from society and solving problems stem from dowsing-wave and developing quality of people's lives by training the experts who are researching the theories and prooving the principles.

[Business with emphasis]

1.Dowsing expert training(dowsing-explorer,counselor,consultant)
2.Research scientific exploring skill and progress of scientific method.
3.Developing measuring skill of the wave and measuring equipment.
4.Collecting materials and documents about influence of the wave to the nature.
5.Research & Development & Verification & Guidance of academic and technical field of environmental energy.
6.progress other business to obtain our goal of establishment.  






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