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[Survey of education]

The electromagnetic wave radiated from the underground was modulated by uranium or mineral vein,a dislocation or by underground water. It is common knowledge that modulated waves have influenced to health or growth of our bodies and animals and plants. For influence of wave to the human body, has merely explained by several cases but it's rare cases proved by scientific measurement or clinical demonstration. Our education center is training an ability and an theory of exploring to dowsing-wave, and spreading skills.

[Contribution to creation of the high-income job]

Through the professional education of wave energy,electromagnetic wave, vitality(chi),alternative medicine, environmental industry,we are cultivating dowsing experts who can be the most hopeful professional in the 21st century. Now people's average length of life is 75 to 83. But we are actually lack of dowsing-consultants who are expert to healthy life and preventive medicine.

[Privileges after graduation]

1.Certificate of qualification 1st, 2nd, 3rd grades.
2.Admit to use Korean Society of Dowers R & E
3.To be a member of Korean Dauri group mutual aids.
4.Support as an expert instructor
5.Support as an expert explorer
6.Support prescripted dowsing products
7.Support as an expert counselor






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