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Korean Society of Dowers R & E has progressed various dowsing-wave researches which are utilized to our real life. According to rising of the national income, demand for well-being life has gradually increased. But still people do not show their confidence to dowsing-wave and think it as a superstition.
Dowsing-wave has come to light as not only energywave caused by flowing undergroung water but also energy from the dislocation, electromagnetic energy from the inside of the earth, and it contains radiated energy from the center of the earth. It is turned out to be a truth by researches and examples from the inside and outside of our country.
Dowsing-wave should not be considered as a superstition or an avoided study because it can not be proved by science. Through scientific analysis via many researches and experiments, Korean Society of Dowers R & E has conducted many researches for better life.
Dowsing-wave still has various field to study and value of studying.
Korean Society of Dowers R & E wants to be a value-making and value-recognizing institute.






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