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Korean Society of Dowers R & E has focused its goals on scientific proof of dowsing-wave and intercepting hazard.
There are so many phenomena can not be proved by science. Inspite of that, people who follow scientific idea demand scientific explanation for all phenomena. It's so frustrating that things can not be proved by science is considered as nothing to believe.
Dowsing-wave is underground streaming of water. This water becomes a convex lens when it meets the hazardous waves generated from the center of the earth. Those waves have come out to the surface of the earth with modulated and amplified waves. We call them as dowsing-waves. As a result of organizing research center, we had a chance to develop dowsing-waves.
Have your family or your neighborhood suffered from serious illness? Are they have any unidentified disease ,but they are painful? Now, visit Korean Society of Dowers R & E and have a consultation. There are many experts are waiting for you who can solve your problems and make you happy.
Korean Society of Dowers R & E will make a better quality of life by studying hazardous dowsing-wave, prevent people from dowsing-wave and have an effort to make our country to be a well-being society. Korean Society of Dowers R & E will give a best effort to improve our environment and prevent demages from hazardous dowsing-wave.






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