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On February 23. 2008,Dowsing Korea first published with a foundation of Korean Society of Dowers R & E in Korea as a special journal related to dowsing-wave.
'Dowsing' means sort of action to dowse something with human energy(vitality).
A spirit of human lives in our body. We express it with a thought or call it as 'Chi'(vitality).
We have to train for control of invisible spiritual mind.So to speak, The train means education for mind, control of mind, mind concentrating etc.
The 'Chi(vitality)'of human has an ability to perceive something in an easy mind. All the human being have the ability of perceiving. Simply because they have not trained and exercised it.
People use L-rods,Pendulum and willow branches for dowsing.
So we would like to publish 'Dowsing Korea', to keep up with pushing on education for the present and the future of dowsing.
In the journal, we want to make a field academic publication of researches. So we want to support and prove dowsing with science.
Next,we'll make a place to introduce dowers' experiences and the limitation of searching method.
It can be a good place of talking and interchanging ideas between dowers.
In conclusion, we would like to be a channel of a public relations.






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